Hawaii Retreat 2014

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Yoga for Balance, Flow, and Stamina

February 15-20, 2014

Join Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan for a 5-day retreat on the Big Island at Kalani Retreat Center

Reconnect to your authentic self that flows from a state of balance.  Unearth your infinite storehouse of Prana Shakti. Replenish your vital reserves so you can be the person you know you are meant to be.  

Come to unwind, reboot, and transform.

Included in this retreat:
2 daily transformational yoga classes
Basking and relaxing under the sun and surf
3 Daily Gourmet vegetarian meals

Airfare not included. Airport transfers arranged through Kalani. Excursions available. See here for 

Realize that you are the Self, and you will be freed from sorrow.
— - Mundaka Upanishad